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7 ways to NEVER progress in the gym

By 21 September 2023No Comments
  1. Have No Plan

By having no plan and just doing what you feel like once you walk into the gym you’re guaranteed to get a very disorganised session in with little to no physiological stimulus – a surefire way to ensure zero gains.

2. Eat Like a Child

This is key. Neglect your protein intake and say no to vegetables. Instead opt for highly processed food at any given opportunity. Bonus points if you make a concerted effort to eat far too much/ too little.

3. Don’t Track Anything

Not tracking your weights, times, sets, and reps is a great way to ensure you never progressively overload your body.

4. Ignore Sleep

Sleeping a solid 7-9 hours every night is the best way to ensure your body recovers from training. Not sleeping also greatly increases your chance in injury – something you’ll want to make sure of if you want to go nowhere.

5. Listen to Every Fitness Influencer

You know those fancy exercises with 5 different movements in 1. Do loads of them if you want no kind of training effect at all

6. Try Something New Every Week
Give powerlifting a go, then take up CrossFit next week. After that I suggest hardcore bodybuilding type sessions. Doing this will again mean there is no progressive overload so you definitely won’t see any improvement.

7. Be Highly Inconsistent
Consistent training is imperative for physical progression so stay away. Aim to go flat out, training 2-3 times a day for one week, then have a full month off, you’ve earned it.

There’s 7 great ways to make sure you never make any progress with your training. Maybe you’re already doing a few of them without even trying!

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