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Training with you (Tommy) has been a massive boost to my fitness journey. You are such a reliable, knowledgeable and genuine trainer. You encouraged me in areas way beyond just getting in and completing a gym session. You’ve helped grow my confidence inside and outside of the gym and assisted me in identifying and creating healthier habits, behaviours and mind-frames. Thanks for getting me to a point where I can now feel comfortable enough to apply everything you’ve taught me, to training on my own.

Tyson S

I have had the pleasure of being trained by Angus, and what I got was a standard of programming that I have seen in professional sport environments that were built to work for me. I have been involved in professional teams and training environments where the level of impact I received was nowhere near what I got under Angus’s coaching. I could not recommend him enough, I am performing at the best standard of my career and it all comes back to the high quality coaching I received.

Reagan L

I had quite a bad back injury a few years ago and lost all confidence in the gym. With Tommy’s help I was able to Squat, Deadlift & Romanian Deadlift again with confidence and even break some previous PBs. Couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

Jani P