In-Season Rugby Athletic Development

$10.00 / Week For 16 Weeks

Training in-season can be a challenge. We need to ensure that we’re fresh on game day but still want to make steady progress in the gym. This is where a carefully structured strength and conditioning plan will find the right balance between work and recovery to make sure you’re always moving forward physically while being primed and ready to perform.

The in-season program will give you the structure, consistency, and accountability around your strength, speed, fitness, and mobility training to have you performing to your potential deep into the season when it counts.

Each week inside the program contains:

  • 3 x Gym sessions (2 x full-body + 1 x “primer” session)
  • 1 x Off-feet conditioning sessions
  • 1 x Speed + conditioning (field) sessions
  • Mobility and recovery work
  • Performance notes to self-review your game
  • Weekly review to reflect on your week

The program is set up in 4 x 4 week blocks (16 weeks total) to take you all the way through the start of the off-season and have your ready and primed to run out onto the field for next season.

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